Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The good:

Next week.
Monday is ADOPTION DAY for Little Fish, assuming all goes well. Just found out this afternoon.
Tuesday I have a whole day off; charity sitter coming to meet Little Fish from nursery and will stay until Mog gets back from school, so I have six whole hours in a row when I need to be out of the house and without children. That last happened in October 2006.
Wednesday we are having "Carol-oke" and mince pies with housegroup in the evening, and in the morning I get to watch my girls in their school Nativity. As the only female pupil in the class, Mog has been Mary for the past three years in a row. She has competition this year; I wonder how they will handle it?
Thursday I have been invited to a Christmas Dinner for parents of children with complex medical needs, a nice meal for myself and trained nurses to care for the girls whilst I eat it in the company of friends. Great!
Friday is an empty day with no appointments at all in it.
And on Saturday Mog's rellies are coming to visit.

The bad:
This week.
Yesterday I had some really sickening news which unfortunately I can't share.
Today I have had phone call after phone call trying to minimise the effect of this news, and learnt that someone has chosen to destroy all the well wisher cards given to Goldy when she moved on from my care. I cannot deal with any more stresses to do with Goldy; I assumed that the funeral would end things but instead whole new levels of stress are opening themselves out.
Tomorrow I have a series of unpleasant appointments.
Thursday we all get our 'Flu vaccines.

And the ugly:
Me, after next week's mammoth run of decent meals and many mince pies.
Oh, and that caroloke? I have to play the piano for it.

Roll on next week

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akconklin said...

Bummer about the chicken and rice you mentioned in yesterday's blog! I SO sympathize, because I do love chicken and rice, and I would have been SO upset with myself! I hope you were able to make yourself something yummy.

I'm sorry about your news today, and SO sorry that things aren't just ending with the funeral. It should be a time of closure, but I think some people see it as their opportunity to gain "pity points". Even in their grief, people can be selfish. I don't know if that's what going on there - I'm just speculating.

It is hard to continue to take the "higher" ethical road, when you are hurting so much. It seems like it would FEEL better to just stoop to their level and lash out with all the anger you are feeling.

Can I say it again? I'm sorry. I'm praying for you.

This next week will be a joyful one - filled with rejoicing. Little Fish is one blessed little girl, Tia. Praise God for the balance He gives to our lives.



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