Thursday, 20 December 2007

Happy Birthday Goldy

If you were here with me today then we would start the day with sausages and baked beans and fried eggs, porridge and golden syrup, and a big cup of coffee to send you off to college in a good mood. Of course, if you were still alive, you'd be living in your new home; but I would have given them instructions to cook you a special breakfast.

You would go off to college, snuggled in your fluffy furry blanket, your hands dancing and your eyes bright. The bus escort would take charge of a large cake tin, full of fudgy gooey chocolate cake, or a baked cheesecake with chocolate sauce.

Everyone at college would sing to you, there would be candles for you to blow out all day long. Your companion on the bus would complain that you were noisy, but secretly enjoy laughing with you. The cooks would make cheese and potato pie as a special treat for you, assuming there wasn't already a Christmas Party in which case you'd have more sausages, crisps, chocolate biscuits.

If you had been at home, we would have ordered in a pizza and finished up with ice cream. If you had been at your new home, we would either have visited you there bringing pizza, or kidnapped you for the evening and brought you back here to celebrate. I wonder which you would have preferred?

Instead you are at Home now. And I'm sure you're having a wonderful day.

I remember when I first me you, you asked me to "sing a rainbow" and then "horsy, horsy". We went in the garden, we went for a walk. I remember those early visits, before you moved in, and the day you cried when it was time to go back to the children's home. How happy you were when you moved in for good.

You named your new wheelchair "whizzy wheelie" which earned us some strange looks when you said it fast. Painting your bedroom, getting to know your other family members, holidays with you here and overseas. Our celebrations when the court decided you should stay with me for the rest of your childhood. Camping; nights in the campervan with you enjoying the echoes and me trying to sleep. Nights in the tent and your excitement when the wind blew and the rain fell. Nights in caravans, cottages, hotels; your excitement at being away and your pleasure to be home again.

Today what I will remember is your ability to spread a piece of chocolate cake across your whole body and the entire room. I may give some to Little Fish, to continue the tradition in your name. I think you would have enjoyed helping her to create chaos, and you would both enjoy the hoover as I cleared it up later on.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.

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