Thursday, 20 December 2007

An apology to the chocolate loving vegetarians

I'd like to apologise. My Statcounter informs me that several of you have found your way onto this blog by asking Google if Toblerone is suitable for vegetarians. My veggie friend assures me that it is in fact suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. It does contain dairy products. And egg. That's not why I'm apologising though; my apology is for the fact that the page you were taken to was my post entitled "Not suitable for vegetarians". Vegetarians, do not click on that link. You have been warned! So, for those of you who turned up hoping for innocent information about chocolate, and who ended up with a graphically carnivorous posting, I am sorry. I hope the experience hasn't scarred you. Do feel free to take a look at my Toblerone Brownies if you like though - these definitely are suitable for vegetarians. And anyone who likes chocolate. A much safer post altogether. Unless you are dieting.


EDIT - Lauren has given more info on Toblerone in the comments, check it out if you need to know about whether it is Kosher, vegetarian, or anything. Oh and feel free to contact her with other chocolate-related queries; it's a subject close to her heart (and mine!)


akconklin said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what a bummer! I hope your visitors go ahead and read a few more posts!

It's worth sticking around for, I promise!!!!!


Lauren said...

Seeing as this post is the first result that google shows up for 'toblerone'. 'suitable' and 'vegetarians', I thought perhaps I should elaborate! Toblerone did not used to be veggie. But they reformulated the mixture so it now is (hurrah!) You just have to check that the expiry date on them is July 08 or after. Which it mostly is now.
Toblerone is gluten free and in certain countries is Kosher, this is marked with a K on the packaging. It's obviously not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.
I like to consider myself the oracle on such important matters....!

Tia said...

we rely on your expertise Lauren!

tina said...

I had a fit of the giggles in Asda today when I saw the huge toblerone bars displayed there...and not because I just averted Rosie's foot from kicking it down!
It was because it was so near the meat counter!!! If i had thought quick enough i would have got my phone camera out and taken a pic!


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