Sunday, 2 December 2007

More from Little Fish.

First thing this morning, and at intervals throughout the day
"Kee kee Mog dool me". Quick, quick, Mog and I need to go to school. She's determined today is Monday. Wouldn't mind but Mog has been sitting in her chair with a great wide open mouth "Yes" of agreement. Little Fish even consented to go to bed early tonight in order to bring tomorrow here sooner. "kee, kee, Mummy carkeys bah Dool Mog Me get there kee". Quickly, mother mine, get the carkeys, get us into the bus, we want to go to school and get there quickly.

Golly the holidays are going to be fun - three weeks without any kind of school at all.

So now Little Fish is all tucked up neatly in bed and dreaming of getting to school as soon as she possibly can first thing in the morning. Mog meanwhile is tucked up rather less neatly in her bed (there's a complicated propping up on pillows thing going on and we still haven't found the perfect angle) and seems determined to stay awake until morning incase she falls asleep and misses the bus.

It's good to know they enjoy school. I'm not sure what Little Fish will think of it next term; for now she goes to Mog's special school a couple of mornings a week but at some point next year she'll be starting mainstream preschool too. One little whirlwind in a wheelchair vs a large hall of little horrors lovely helpful children. I think she'll love it. No, I know she'll love it. Not so sure her 1:1 will love it though; especially as she starts really taking on board the implications of keeping LF alive and well. Fun times ahead.

There is something magical about two small girls, especially at this time of year. S, "electrical interference" is a great description and pretty accurate. When the interference isn't running. Mog is starting to get excited now as we light our advent candle. I was feeling pretty smug having finished the majority of my Christmas shopping before the end of November, despite having one or two other little things on my mind. It was with a sense of satisfaction that I clicked on the final "process my order" button and mentally added the list of parcels to be delivered to the bags of things already bought or made.

And with a dawning sense of irritability and confusion that I realised I had somehow completely forgotten to think about finding things for the girls. In one sense it really doesn't matter what I find for them; Little Fish is at that wonderful stage where a gift is a marvellous thing simply because it is a gift, and Mog just likes the atmosphere and the Christmas lights and shiny paper. I had been concentrating on the fact that I don't have to find a Christmas present for Goldy this year (or a birthday present either) that I had completely forgotten there were still two little girls at home to shop for. Oops.


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