Sunday, 21 June 2009

Back to reality

I think a lot of Little Fish's travelling woes relate to the fact that she's currently forced to travel lying back in a seat, held rigid in her brace, unable to turn around or sit up or see much of what's going on. I do hope so anyway; the alternative is that she simply doesn't like our new van and that's going to be harder to fix.

The letter in the photo was waiting for us when we got home. 7.5 weeks rather than the 6 we were expecting (the appointment is to remove the brace), but I am less concerned with the delay than with the suggested time of admission. I realise the hospital has been putting on extra
clinics to reduce the waiting lists, but that does strike me as a little excessive.

Mind you since this is the hospital which booked us in for a clinic on the Tuesday and then phoned to say we'd missed it on the Monday, not once but three times so far, nothing really surprises me.



Doorless said...

So is 00:00 just less than a second after 2400(midnight)? Should be very interesting!

MOM2_4 said...

Strange, very strange... maybe a 00:00 admit means you are to come in pjs all ready to be tucked into bed?


Becca said...

Yeesh! Here's hoping that turns out to be a civilised 11:30 or something in reality.

She'll enjoy being back in her Minny so much, and I'm sure you and Mog will enjoy that too. Can't they possibly get her in to take the brace off any earlier? Seems really cruel to leave it on extra long needlessly, it's miserable having your mobility taken by something like that.

At least she's back on home territory now.

Tia said...

I did ask for an early release but apparently 6 weeks is only the earliest possible not the right time and anything is fine and this is when the clinic is and he's a very busy man you know. So that was that. Today's mission will be to find the real time and hope they did mean July not August.



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