Saturday, 20 June 2009

The long road home

Getting up and getting going
"What you doing?" (Packing)
"What you doing?"
"What you doing?"

Tenby to St Clears
"Why that likle boy not coming home with us?"
"Why we not staying in the holiday house?"
"Where that other car gone?"
"Why they not coming in my car?"
"Why we going home?"

St Clears to Swansea
"I don't like this, stop driving, oh please stop the car, stop driving, oh Mumma Mumma I don't like this oh Mumma YOU DON'T LIKE ME oh please wait a minute stop this car don't drive it"

Pause in Swansea Services

Swansea to Bridgend
"Oh no stop stop stop driving I don't like it I don't like this oh please Mumma Mumma Mumma NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no please don't drive oh don't go fast go slow go slow go slow stop stop stop this car please stop this car please oh where are the services stop this car please stop this car oh please oh please oh help me oh HELP oh NOOOOOOOO oh Mumma Mumma why we driving oh NO"

Pause at Bridgend Services

Bridgend to Cardiff

Pause at Cardiff. Point out huge massive very exciting Severn Bridge. Put music on very loudly. Mog's music which then, thanks to our flashy CD changer thingy in our new car, segued into Hillsong Kids Praise.

Cardiff to Bristol
"Jesus you're my super here, you're my star, my best friend"
And other thumping tracks, painful to drive to but marginally less painful than listening to a small child screaming. And giving me the opportunity to realise the lyrics to one song are "Though I am weak, You are strong, Your arms so big, they carry me" and not what I had heard them as previously "Though I am weak, You are strong, Your head so big, You can't be wrong" which whilst it does have the benefit of rhyming would be an odd phrase for a praise song, even a kids' praise song.

Bristol to Newbury. Il Divo, Norah Jones, Christy Moore.
"No I not like these I not like this it NOT Mog's turn I want Courtney Courtney oh please oh please oh please NOOOOOOOO"

Newbury to Abingdon. Matt Redman.
"Dum dee dum dee dum dee Blessed be Your Nay diddeeee Takeaway"

Abingdon to home
"Oh OH OH WE ARE HERE!!!! Let's get that cat right now Mumma oh please get Goway I need my boy what my likkle boy cat doing oh HERE he is Hello that cat oh HELLO HOUSE".

Home. Kettle on.
"What you doing?"
"What you doing?"




AlisonM said...

journey went well then??!! You have filled me with confidence for our trip to Scotland! Welcome home to you all - you have been missed! xxx

Doorless said...

I bet your ears are very tired!!!! Bedtime yet?

Courtney Cookson said...

yay for Courtney Courtney music!
me and mog will most definitely have to buy some more for you =)
c xx

MOM2_4 said...

Rather long trip home?!? Glad you made it back safely.

Hugs & prayers,

Becca said...

Oh dear, you poor things... what was distressing Little Fish so much about the driving - feeling sick, maybe? Or just anxiety about the changeover from holiday back to home?

Anyhow, glad you made it back, think of how much progress she's made since this time last year and hopefully you won't be fearing a repeat in a year's time.

HennHouse said...

I LOVE your description of the drive home...

Safe and sound then?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like LF really really enjoyed her holiday and wasn't too thrilled with coming home.
Glad her tune changed when you were home.
Hope she gives your ears a little bit of rest tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

thought I heard you passing Bristol ;-)
I don't drive more than half an hour with Celyn as she sets up an ear splitting scream (she cant talk)that continues until we stop!
Fine on trains and buses though.

Sandra Fisher said...

No chance of you nodding off whilst driving then!!

Glad to hear you're home.


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