Thursday, 4 June 2009

Settling in

This morning it looked likely that we might be discharged this
afternoon. The neurosurgeons decided her shunt was definitely not the
issue. No scan, always good to hear. And the paeds felt she was doing
well. She ate breakfast, kept down her water, her drip was reduced and
everything looked good.

And then Little Fish decided to repeat yesterday for us. Minimal
urine, no appetite and then a nice round of vomiting, thankfully minus
the coffee grounds this time.

She's still showing as dehydrated according to some tests and not
according to others. More samples have been sent off to see what they
grow, but she has no fever and doesn't look particularly ill, just
tired and floppy. Managing her normal water but not more than 100mls
at a time. And very very cross and shouty if she is moved at all- so
obviously uncomfortable somewhere but can't say where.

So, we're not going anywhere tonight. Tomorrow I have to collect Mog
from Helen House in the morning; thankfully we've got a nice big room
here so there will be plenty of space for her. But Mog and I will have
to sleep at home tomorrow night; I hope Little Fish can join us.

Big thanks to Mum who remembered a very hungry Goway this evening- I
hope he forgives my desertion.



Anonymous said...

Hope that the tests show something soon--and that she is feeling better!
Will be praying!
Not too many dull moments in your life is there :>)

L. x said...

Here's hoping today brings good news that you can all go home. Hugs to you and LF. Lori. xx

Alesha said...

sorry you're having to camp out there. praying you can find the answer really soon.


Michelle said...

Tia, thinking about you from our hospital room. Praying God brings rest and lots of urine in the morning.
Michelle & Girls from USA

Robyn said...

hope she gets out of there tomorrow...lots of love x


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