Saturday, 13 June 2009


Five hours (including stopping time) is how long it'll take us to get to Tenby today. Five hours is also how long Little Fish's DVD player is supposed to last between charges. We'll be testing that theory.
Five years ago we took our first holiday with the Harriet Davis Trust. Goldie, Mog and I, and two friends with their children. We've been back twice since; once with Goldie and once with Little Fish, and always Mog and I. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with family; there is something about Tenby itself which draws us back. Unchanging; my Grandmother came with us two years ago and felt it was unchanged since her honeymoon, close to seventy years ago.
Bosherston Lily pools for keen Chalet School fans, unmapped military bits for those who like to live dangerously, castles and mills and hermit chapels for the historians, monks who make fudge for the religious foodies. Indoor fairgrounds for the weather-challenged.
And ceramic cafes for those who like to bring back something other than sticks of rock and pockets of sand.

Five loads of washing waiting to be packed into cases, five million (approximate estimate) bottles of medications and packs of disposable feed supplies waiting to be squeezed into cases, and five times so far I have gone back into Little Fish to explain to her that yes we are going to the "Olly day owse" but not until we have all had a good night's sleep!*


*posting this in advance; I haven't really got my timelines muddled.


Michelle said...

I'm the historian lover. I can't wait to see pictures! Of course pictures of the girls painting and playing will be enjoyed just as much. Have fun!

Doorless said...

Have a wonderful time!

Elinor said...

Yay! Tenby rocks. Hope you have the best time.

Anonymous said...

Have a well earned good time. RJK

Sandra said...

So jealous!! Would love a week in the wonderful Wheelabout. Have a wonderful time.

Sandra said...

So jealous!! Would love a week in the wonderful Wheelabout. Have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pic of Mog - happy girl!


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