Monday, 1 June 2009

A day in the life of Little Fish

Little Fish is feeling jolly pleased with life at the moment. And since Little Jenny Wren has finished the "A Day In My Life" series, I thought I'd go for a day in LF's life instead.

So here's Little Fish's morning grin, awake 5 minutes and desperate to be out of bed and up and doing. It's hot work, sleeping in her brace and bonnet.
First stop, breakfast. Toast and butter "no crusts Mumma I not like them it your job to eat the crust", and a fruit cocktail through her tube.
And then time for a hairwash. We can't use the shower bench at the moment as the brace must not get wet. So since LF is a bit of a sweaty Betty, we are dunking what we can reach of her into our kitchen sink each morning.It's the highlight of her day.

Or has been, until this morning, when she realised that she really actually truly absolutely was going to school today!She thought she'd missed her chance when the bus trundled up as she was conditioning her hair, so was extra pleased to be going in our big red bus instead "You drive it Mummy I sit beyind it not my job driving the bus"
Just incase anyone was in any doubt about that.

And so to school, and a quick handover to staff who have now had half the class go through this operation at some point or another so are thankfully all too familiar with the new caring challenges the brace and wound management present.

Room on the midday bus to bring her home, but no time to go inside; instead back onto our bus to meet friends at Millets to do a lost property and medical necessities exchange.
Not our most elegant picnic ever, perhaps, but still popularMmmm, sausages!

And then silliness, and a demonstration of what happens if you let this toddler loose with a cameraAnd watch as his focus improvesbut his subject matter deteriorates.

The rest of the afternoon passed a bit like thisuntil it was time to reload the buses and run for home to beat Mog back from school.

And then some glueing and sticking and cutting and pasting, some reluctant eating of tea and some happier burping. A successful suppository (aren't you glad I don't photograph everything?), and finally into bed with a bit of Charlie and Lola to fall asleep by.
And a Little Fish confident and secure enough to hear our babysitter arrive, and wave me goodbye without a qualm. And unfortunately a Little Fish comfortable enough to fall asleep on her wrong side, so I will have to go in shortly and turn her over before I sleep myself.

A good day though. Nothing major, nothing hugely out of the ordinary, just life with time to enjoy it.


Jules said...

Love the pics...good day all round! Can't beat a Millets Farm picnic!

AlisonM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MOM2_4 said...

Very exciting day LF ;o) Glad to see you are getting around and having some fun, even in the brace.


AlisonM said...

now, i understand the reasons for removal of my comment, but leaving it like that makes everyone else think I wrote something really awful lol!!

Tia said...

Only if you have a guilty conscience!

I don't know why it left that message, it normally just vanishes the comment. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

what sort of brace is that? Celyn will need hip surgery and we want to avoid the awful smelly plaster cast one.

Tia said...

Our surgeon calls it a Toronto Brace but the orthotists tell me it's actually a Maple Leaf Brace. It still has to stay in situ for a minimum of 6 weeks so it does still get smelly, but you can open up the different sections of it to change liners and check for skin breakdown.


Doorless said...

What a lovely day! LF is amazing and you have done so well with her. Love the brace!

Anonymous said...

Well, it was a lovely day until the end!
If she needs suppositories often, I have a Yahoo Group you may be interested in


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