Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Peace in our house

There's something about an afternoon at preschool which brings Little Fish home in a beautifully peaceful, gently tired manner. She's usually had a couple of hours of busy busy playing playing, surrounded by children with an adult dedicated to keeping her on task, and so by the time we get home she is ready to sit and play quietly by herself for a while.

It doesn't always work out, too often we get the Wolverine Kid instead, whirling about in a noisy destructive fury desperate for attention, too tired to settle and too early for bed. But today was one of her beautiful afternoons, and as I closed the door I heard "I would like the doll's house on the table please kind Mumma".

And she played gently, rearranging furniture, sitting dolls on the toilet, cooking a special dinner to make them grow
for at least an hour, until I took the photo and she realised I was watching and started whining for dinner and my phone and a cuggle and a teeny bit of pâté, and the peace subsided for a while. But let's concentrate on the happy shall we?

We really should; two minutes and a lot of hand kissing, and I disappeared to cook tea. As I walked out of the door a little voice piped up again "I'd like the big book there Mumma please".
And as I chopped onions in the kitchen, she "read" her bible stories to Mog.



MOM2_4 said...


HennHouse said...

sweetness is the perfect word for it...

what a beautiful family you have...

L. x said...

So cute!! both adorable. x

Elinor said...


Alesha said...

just lovely! : )


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