Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pyjama days

The nice thing about having a pool in our house is that we don't
really have to leave the house in order to feel that we've done
something with the day. The even nicer thing about it is that once
swum and showered, we can post children into pyjamas and job done.
This is however unfortunate when we vacate the pool at 3pm. And would
have been a disasterous plan altogether given the missing luggage had
we not already known what was inside Mog's mysterious birthday parcel
from Grannie and Grandad.

The downside to having a pool and pretty pyjamas is that the
temptation to do nothing else with the day can be overwhelming. We
have had several beautiful days and done nothing beyond a quick putter
into town for groceries and to admire the view.

Yesterday we decided to make the most of the holiday and actually go
out for the day. A nearby chocolate farm the destination, and had the
rain stopped even a little bit, and the puddles been even slightly
less than shin-deep it might have been a good day out. As it was, Mog
enjoyed the chocolate so despite being too wet to even think about
photos, it wasn't a total washout.

Today we thought that we ought perhaps to go to the seaside, given
that we are officially on a seaside holiday. We got up slowly, got
dressed, breakfasted, and had just about assembled everything
necessary for the short jaunt when the heavens opened and the pool
suddenly became the more attractive option.

Last day tomorrow. Will we declare another pyjama day or actually
achieve something? Answers on a postcard, please*.

*and if you could send those postcards to my relatives you'd save us a
job and I'm sure they'd be gratefully received. Thank you.

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