Monday, 15 June 2009

Open plan living.

The joy of an open plan house is that you can hear everything from
anywhere in the house. The curse of an open plan house is that you can
hear everything from anywhere in the house.

With four somewhat wonky children who have reasonably early nights, it
is nice to be able to sit in the sitting room knowing we will hear any
of the younger generation should they have a seizure or fall out of
bed, stop breathing or do any of the other irritating things small
wonky children manage. On the other hand, it is somewhat less helpful
to be able to hear everything from each of the bedrooms.

Last night we went to bed. The noise of this woke Mog. Her screams
helped another child to have a major seizure, and the rest of the
night was spent alternating apnoea and seizure alarms, dosing
different children with painkillers, sedatives, seizure rescue meds,
debating midnight ambulance calls (for once not for one of my girls),
swapping beds and generally causing much mayhem until finally the
worst offender settled at 5, just in time for the least disturbed
child to wake up for the day.

Today four children are well, happy, giggly and busy. And three adults
are discovering there is no coffee strong enough. Oh, and this photo
has nothing to do with any of that and everything to do with how cute
small girls look when they have new matching outfits courtesy of a
very limited choice in the cheap shop. Mog is distinctly underwhelmed.



Almost American said...

Nice photo - you can tell LF loves her sister!

Doorless said...

Lovely picture in matching jumpers. They look like they love each other.
We have had a few nights thispast months like that ( more than a few)! Enjoy the fellowship.

Michelle said...

You know, sounds like Emily and I would fit right in....

mommytoalot said...

Adorable picture.
I think open plan is simular to what we call open concept.


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