Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tummy Popping

"My Tummy's popping, Mumma" gasped a Little Fish. And then I took a closer look
This child has eaten barely half a slice of bread at a time since she took ill last Wednesday. I think it's safe to say her self-imposed famine is over!

Mog meanwhile is up to her monkey tricks again...Cotswold Wildlife Park today with school thanks to the Rotary Club. Mog decided to smuggle one of the rarer breeds home with her. And all that being pushed around clearly gave Little Fish an appetite. Next time we might try to see a few more of the animals.

Home and hungry, and LF requested pizza. Dominos obliged, and we have both pigged ourselves into a stupour. Which would be perfect, setting us all up for a solid night's sleep. Except that I've just checked my diary, and tonight I have to be at Little Fish's new school for a parents' evening. Meet the teachers, hope to find some other parents, begin to get my head around a new venture for me; mainstream school.

Pass the coffee


Tina said...

Oooh Hope the parents Evening went well. And it looks like Pizza definitely suited your Little Fish! I do hope her tummy doesnt really pop though!
Hugs to you all

Doorless said...

Wonderful, Pizza was the best medicine that and going out. Hope all went well with the meeting and I can't wait to see how many potatoes you harvest!

MOM2_4 said...

So glad LF is eating again, because that means that whatever bug she had has run it's course and she is ready to move on. That will make things much nice while you are away on holiday.

What a cute little critter Mog brought home! She has great taste.

Pray the parent' evening went well. Wonderful new things are ahead, but taking those new steps can be challenging. Hang in there!



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