Friday, 19 June 2009

Happy Birthday Mog

Mog decided she would like to spend her birthday eating cake and
drinking coffee, wearing new clothes and opening presents. Little Fish
decided we needed to have a party; Seb and the Wahooligan needed to
dip their toes in the sea, and so a plan was born.

Up and out, which was modified to up and leave just about in time for
lunch at what LF persists in calling a dinner shop. A nice lunch, Mog
modelling new clothes and grinning mightily, and then a walk around
the town (preview for you, K, Harriet's House is in this photo),
before heading to the beach.

Having walked half a mile straight downhill, it was somewhat
distressing to have LF go on total strike on viewing the sand. Two
hands clamped on the wheels, whole body rigid, one very loud voice
begging me to stop and not go and turn around please please please,
and giggles from Mog.

So, leaving the boys to their paddle, the girls and I powered
ourselves back up the hill where after much "oh I don't know how you
do it" and many stares, we inserted ourselves into a cafe for more
cake and coffee.

Home again and a spot of packing before LF declared "Let's get this
party started". Three tired adults made a unilateral decision to make
it a pyjama party, and ten minutes later four pyjama's children were
coerced into a circle to blow out candles and refuse to eat a rather
tasty chocolate cake.

And now four little ones are in bed, the packing is as done as it can
be, and D has just turned up with our fish and chips. I can smell the
vinegar and the mound of chips is disappearing fast, so I must go and
enjoy it before it all goes.

Home tomorrow,


Tina said...

Happy birthday Mog I do hope it was a good one.
Safe journey home everyone, in my thoughts and prayes as always.
Loads of love

Doorless said...

Happy Birthday Mog. Have a safe trip home. Please send me some of the fish and chips! please, please,please!

MOM2_4 said...

Happy Birthday Mog!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Mog! I hope you have a sweet birthday weekend. Remember, when you get home it is time to rest.

HennHouse said...

Happy birthday!!

Mmmmm... Fish and chips.


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