Friday, 5 June 2009


Six years is how many I've had a child (or children) at Kingfisher Nursery.

When Mog was a baby we went to nursery to join in with their swimming sessions, stool sitting group, and "Atmospherics" - a beautifully relaxing session involving being gently wafted with scented scarves. Lovely.Once she was old enough, she started going to the nursery without me, riding on the school bus with her big sister. And having a wonderful time, and working incredibly hardAnd coming home utterly worn out and ready for bed(Picture from the afternoon after her first morning at nursery)

Kingfisher nursery has had my girls when they have been bouncing with health and when they've been finding life rather more difficult.We've had Nativity playsAnd Nativity playsand Nativity plays!Swimming lessonsand therapy sessionsWith teachersand therapists
When Mog had a little sister of her ownShe was welcomedAnd, when she was old enough, she rode the bus to nursery with her big sister.
(although we did give her a seat of her own).

And then Mog got big, and moved up to the next class.And now, suddenly, Little Fish has grown bigAnd these are suddenly her last few weeks in nursery too. And from September, she will be at a different school entirely. And although Mog will still be at the school, the nursery will not be a part of our life.

It'll be a big change. Parents are very much a part of life at nursery. Coffee mornings, swimming sessions, outings; all this will go. Not only that, but for the first time since Mog moved in six years ago, I will have no one at home with me during the school day. Big change indeed.



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!--so fun to see how the girls have grown through the years.
But I'd agree that as they grow and move from program to program--isn't always fun--miss the old -and look forward to the new.

Our biggest was when Alissa out grew the peditrician and Children's Hospital

Christine said...

Hi. So glad you stoppped by my blog. Can I add you to my blogroll? BTW, your girls are lovely!

Tia said...

you're very welcome! and thank you

mommytoalot said...

How adorable.

Doorless said...

Kind of bitter sweet to see them grow and move to different age groups at school.
Loved seeing the pictures of how they have grown.
You will not know what to do when all both are at school all day. I found I was more organized when they are both home.
When all my girls were gone during the day I found myself running from one thing to another not really completing anything but starting something then going on to another. Took a bit to get organized and to realize I had plenty of time to get it all done in time. Now I have Alicia home all day. With Selina not coming until October I will have time. Mikayla is off school officially June 10th and returns in August. I love having her home.

sarah bess said...

I LOVED this post. As someone who just "joined you" this year, I really enjoyed seeing the pics of your darling girls from their earlier years. Cute, cute, cute.
Any chance Kingfisher Nursery is looking for a place to open another branch?

Sara x said...

I cant believe how different the girls look. I have known you many years but stills eeing those pictures ahve made me remise. The girls are so adorable. As for the time alone, dont speak to soon xxx

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh Tia, you should have seen Emily looking at Mog's pictures! She thinks she knows her! I'll have to take a picture of her looking at Mog, seems they are best friends and we didn't even know it.
Michelle & girls in USA

Elinor said...

Wow, what fabulous pictures! Great post.


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