Friday, 24 July 2009

24 hours

11PM: Mummy, I need to roll over.
11.36PM: Mummy, this side now.
1AM: Mummy, I need a roll over
2.21AM: Mummy, I need a roll over, I need a kiss, I need a cuddle, I waking up now please?
3AM: Mummy, I need a roll over, I have Charlie and Lola now? Oh why I need sleep?
5AM: Mummy, this side now please oh pleeeeeeeese
5:39AM: Mummy I need roll over again.

6:30AM: My alarm
7AM: Mog's morning carer.

And then silence. And the rolly over monster slept. And slept. And slept. Mog's carer left, and Little Fish slept on. The cat knocked over a pile of dishes, and Little Fish slept on. The phone rang, the mobile phone pinged and beeped and dinged and clicked, and Little Fish slept on. The cleaner arrived and began the bashing and clattering which is an essential part of any good clean. And Little Fish slept on.

10.45AM and finally my revenge - "Time to wake up". Five minutes to wean her from her Nippy, ten minutes to get her dressed, five to pour some milk and meds into her and ten to load the bus, and only half an hour late to meet friends.

Fourteen of us apparently effortlessly absorbed into one friend's house, adults and wheelies in one room, older children disappearing to bedrooms and a younger child trekking through the downstairs in a mission to find fruit and create chaos. Lots of coffee, lots of food, lots of laughter and somehow suddenly it was 5.30.

And now the girls are in bed (late but happy), the house is clean as we've not been in it all day, and the many and varied one liners friends suggested for another "you know you have a disabled child when" type post have all floated away from me. So since I know they read this, I challenge them to post them in the comments section if they happen to remember them themselves (the ones which are repeatable anyway!); meanwhile I am going to make the most of a quiet house and try to catch up on some of last night's sleep.


HennHouse said...

I just love your writing!

And hoping for a long, peaceful sleep for you!

Anonymous said...

Well I too would post the one liners if I could capture any, but I think all the laughter blew them away!

Fab day


MOM2_4 said...

rough night + wonderful day = "balance?"

Alesha said...

so glad you had some quality time with friends! it's good to have the laughter that drives the cobwebs out, after a night like you had. : )

here's wishing you a peaceful night!


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