Monday, 20 July 2009

Nor day nor night no net

As tedious to read about as to live I'm sure. Today I tried a third modem and various different hardware combinations. Pipex resolved one issue but left two different ones, unkindly advising me to google the solution to one of them. A router issue partially resolved and I'm now informed the rest of the problem is to do with Vista. The world tells me I have an Internet connection; the computer tells the world otherwise. Annoying.

Meanwhile August holidays and red tape would appear to be combining to make it unlikely Little Fish will have a wheelchair in school for September unless I pay for it myself, but if I do that the education department "has no mechanism to make a reimbursement". A compromise; I will place the order, finance will "get onto it" in September, and I will have to sue if they aren't forthcoming. Quite why everyone agrees this is the most sensible option I'm not entirely sure, but the alternative would appear to be LF chained to a plastic school seat whenever her powerchair is unsuitable. I am not overimpressed at having to explain to three different people all in the same room exactly why leaving LF without a wheelchair at home for six weeks was unacceptable. We can't transport her home chair daily; it wouldn't survive the trip.

Good news though; the chair she will be getting is Otto Bock's newest creation, the Bravo Racer. Sturdy but lightweight, sporty but actually approved for transport, low enough for her to reach the floor but room for growth. And only double the price of her Minny...

Mog showed her contempt by kicking the rep repeatedly whilst LF chose a red frame to match her new uniform.

And then another education meeting; the local ptb have decided we don't know what we're talking about and that LF does not really need 1:1 support throughout the school day. Those who do know LF have decided that yes, actually, she does, and will not be safe without it. And so it is unlikely that she will now start fulltime in September as planned; she'll have to come home once the funding runs out which will be an hour earlier than her peers. At least it'll shelve the problem of how to be both at home for Mog's bus and at school for LF at the same time for a while...



Michelle said...

Hummm, in the meantime I'll be thinking about all the reasons that Emily has needed 1:1 and I'll share. Maybe LF has the same reasons and you can add to your list.

Tina said...


Are the LEA actually saying the school has to fund the other hour a day or that LF doesnt need it?

totally riddiculous situation this late in the game but from our experience I cant say it fills me with surprise!

hope its resolved quickly.


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