Sunday, 5 July 2009


No not me personally.

Mog had an iPod for her birthday. An inspired present this; no more lugging around cases of CDs, she can have all her music on one small super smart little gadget. And she can lend it to her sister to doodle on and play with the calendar and calculator instead of causing mayhem on Mummy's iPhone.

We like it; nope, we love it. Mog gets to listen to her choice of music for hours on end. If she needs music on all night I can slip it under her pillowcase and quiet music will play into her ears and hers alone. The battery lasts for hours, the music capacity seems to be approaching infinite, or at least far more than Mog's current music selection, and one day I'll even figure out iTunes well enough to tweak the thing into even more intelligent behaviour.

That was the plan, anyway. Yesterday, after Mog's bath, we dressed her and padded her up and plonked her down on a beanbag so she could wiggle and kick and generally work herself into all sorts of non-physiotherapist-approved positions take the pressure off her backside. She had her music, Little Fish had her DVD player, I had my laptop and we all sat happily in some kind of space age technology-fest. Whatever; it worked.

And then it didn't work. The iPod was silenced. And Mog was laughing. And Mog had managed to wiggle until the iPod was underneath her, and then with fiendish good timing had managed a massive Movicol induced tidal wave which flooded the beanbag. Swimming is not, as it turns out, one of the iPod's strengths. It drowned.

I plugged it into the computer. Nothing. I left it alone for a few hours to dry out, and tried again. Nothing. I googled many things and tried most of them (avoided the "my iPod didn't work so I threw it across the room and then it did" one). Nothing. Just one smart shiny useless piece of metal. Tried again today and I think it's safe to say it's not a happy beastie.

OK, so an expensive mistake. Tomorrow I'll phone Apple and see what they have to say (I predict "we told you not to let it get wet, would you like to order a replacement?").

Today Little Fish's feed managed to soak my iPhone. My phone which is so much more than a phone, my phone which has photos and all my telephone numbers and my diary and all the girls' appointments for the next three years and just about every other piece of my life on it. And now it is not happy. And nor am I. I'm hoping that since it's just water not poo it might actually dry out. Meanwhile I know it's backed up; I'm sure there's a way of persuading iTunes to give me the information (and if there isn't, please don't tell me; I need to believe there might be). But one of its more minor features is going to cause me a bit of a headache - it is not only my phone (and my diary and my address book and my photo album etc etc etc), it is also my alarm clock. Tomorrow morning could be interesting.



Anonymous said...

So not point in me texting you to ask why so much crossing out? Or is it an indication of how life is at the mo!

Can't even offer to ring you as I leave in the morning! Do hope it is all sorted soon


Tia said...

Crossing out is now fixed. 4 people leaping to let me know within minutes of me hitting publish. Cool; people actually read this stuff! I'd post a picture of my keyboard but my camera is on the phone... Off to follow someone else's tip and soak it in a bowl of dry rice overnight.

If anyone from school is reading, then please excuse Mog if she's late - my "across London at silly o'clock in the morning" friend will have forgotten not to make the wakeup call on my mobile.


Anonymous said...

modern technology--a bane and a blessing--one would think they would have them water proof (or wet proof) by now.

Doorless said...

On the I pod there should be a very tiny pin size hole. Maybe if you stick a pin in it it will reset the iPOD. Sometimes we have to reset Alicia's like that. I've never given one a brown bath though.
On your phone hopefully you have insurance. When I put mine through the washer I had to get a new one. I was so thank ful for the insurance. I was glad to see everything was backed up.

Hazel said...

Have to say the two worst features of Apple are their (lack of) commitment to the environment (which is irrelevant to you in this instance) and their customer service ... I've never heard them be sympathetic about stuff that was their fault, so I can't imagine they'll be remotely interested in anything that wasn't... but maybe you tell a better sob-story than I do... good luck with it.

Tia said...

I'm sure I don't...but I hope they'll be able to replace things quickly.


Signing! said...

Hope the rice works! If possible, try and leave it in there fore 24-48hrs! Sadly it didn't work for mine (someone put it outside and there was a major storm!), but I have been told that is how electronics are meant to be dried out! Really hope you sort something quickly.


Trina and Jophie said...

Ugh Tia....What a mess!


Anonymous said...

you could try posting the question on the mac intouch forum - not sure if it would help but it might prompt some interesting replies!!

Good luck and yes when you plug it/your new one in it should recognise it and restore everything!

HennHouse said...


I've never heard of the dry rice thing... But I'll file that away in my "hope I never have to use it" advice pile.

I, too, use my phone for my alarms. So handy those little pieces of machinery.

As to apple's customer service... When Esther-Faith's iPod quit working, we took it in and they ran a few diagnostic checks. And then they replaced it.

iPods come in handy during MRI's, CT scans, renal ultrasounds, and clinic appointments. All of which we have coming up in the next six weeks.


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