Saturday, 18 July 2009

Happiness is

Being back on two feet again. And having grown enough that there is a nice safe gap between chest and hip support so your gastrostomy button doesn't get caught.

Unhappiness on the other hand - well that's one of the many feelings I'm sure a recent decision has left my friend Trina feeling.

Please click on over to her blog and read her news.

I don't know how they will manage now - Jophie's needs can't just be shelved for a month or two, bills still need to be paid, and Trina does have to sleep occasionally, even if it is only for 30 minutes here and there as Jophie's needs permit. Trina has always worked as much as she can - her boutique clothing is unique, her jewelery (when she could afford to buy the silver) was imaginative, and now her recipe book is the result of at least a year of cooking, tasting, tweaking. All her efforts have gone towards meeting Jophie's costs over and above his allowance. And now that allowance has been discontinued. And suddenly I'm too aware of the distance between Ohio and here, especially now without proper access to the Internet. Please spare a thought and a prayer for Trina and Jophie, and if you have any ideas for ways she can earn money from home working around Jophie's care then I'm sure she would like to hear them.


EDIT: Triba's address is now correct, sorry folks.


M.E. said...

Hi Tia,

Just a quick one - the link to Trina's blog is missing one letter and therefore not working, could you re-post?


Tia said...

Thanks for the heads up, now fixed. Sorry people

Tina said...

So good to see LF on her feet, praying for T and J


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