Sunday, 19 July 2009

Still here

Still here, barely. My brother came over yesterday with a new modem and tried to fix my Internet problems. No luck, it seems to be a
provider issue not a local one. So no access still, and my phone getting increasingly unhappy about its workload.

The house is very definitely tidier than normal. The to do list is running down. Our days are taking a different shape, the hours not spent online are free for other things. I tell myself this is good. I'm not convinced...

Today was very definitely good though; a ninetieth birthday party for Grannie, Great Grannie, Mum, Auntie Georgie or George depending on your position in the family. Rain scuppered our original plans, but everyone seems to have agreed that plan b was actually preferable. A BBQ at Grannie's new church, beautiful grounds and a lovely peaceful space inside with comfy chairs for those not so keen on sitting outside under gazebos listening to the rain. From Grannie's older brother down to the 4 month old great grandson with brothers and cousins and friends and neighbours and uncle tom cobley and all. Food and conversation, the fourth generation running around and over the second and third generations, a nice gentle sort of a day.

And now Little Fish has returned my camera to me, and both girls are tucked up peacefully dreaming of cousins and chocolate pudding. And I shall find myself a comfy chair and catch up on some more of my reading.


1 comment:

Tina said...

Well you look remarkably calm and relaxed. Miss you though!
Glad Grannies party was a success. Hugs


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