Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Little Miss Independence

What do you get if you cross a small child in a powerchair, a
hydraulic tail lift, and a high wind?

One rather deep dent in the bottom of the door, that's what.

The wind blew a cup away, I ran after it. Little Fish unfolded the lift and took it down to ground level. So far, so sensible. LF then
drove herself onto the lift and raised it back up again, not registering that the door had blown back over the lift.

She's still convinced I was just being mean when I grabbed the controls and lowered her down to start again.

It doesn't look like much of a dent, and so it isn't, except that it's rather inconveniently just enough of a ding to prevent the door from latching properly. This in turn makes it impossible to lock the door, and the joys of central locking make it impossible to lock any door at

Hurrah for Hemmings; a man with a hammer bashed the worst of the dent out and charged us exactly nothing for the privelige. But now I need to squeeze out a day when I can be car free so the panel can be fixed
properly and made rustproof again. Better the door than her legs
though I suppose.



MOM2_4 said...

OOPS!! I am constantly amazed at what LF will attempt to do. So glad it was the door and not her legs - whew!!

Trina and Jophie said...

Oops! LOL


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