Monday, 27 July 2009

Google Roundup

Haven't done one for a while.

Can a child wear a hensinger collar when sleeping? Mog does; she doesn't wear it when she's sleeping in bed though. If you find the answer, can you let me know? I'm sure it would help on nights when she's obstructing badly.

Politically correct word for chicken pox. Chicken pox is non-pc these days? You learn something new every day. Chickens, I'm sorry if I offended you. Still no spots here, if anyone was wondering. Mog's coughing and Little Fish is tired, but Mog's had the pox so whatever's bothering her, it isn't that.

collapsed in a heap. Who? Where? When? Why and how? If it's you, then glad you recovered enough to google it - you might find "faint" a better term to search in future. Please get yourself checked out if it happens again. If you've just found someone else in this state then unless you know they're drunk and sleeping it off, I suggest you find more immediate help than my blog. A first aid course might be a useful thing to consider...

Been an odd day here. Respite this afternoon; three hours which I squandered on finding a new padlock for our garage; the old one having rusted fast. I now have a lovely new high security one, which I will fit just as soon as I can work out how to remove the old one; key not working and it's supposed to be bolt-cropper-proof. How long do you think I could work at it with a hacksaw before someone called the police? Answer is actually no time at all; all my tools are neatly stored inside the inpenetrable garage...

We had a therapist visit this morning. She told us that, unfortunately, we probably won't get any more therapy visits this summer, as the therapists have all been seconded to staff the Tamiflu Depot. There's a good idea, take the therapists who have Monday to Friday, term time only, contracts, and require them to provide rotating cover handing out drugs to the close family and friends of those suffering from the porcine plague. Then send them back out into the community, to work with some of the most vulnerable people in the county, having been in close contact with those who are caring for people with the swine flu. I did tell her I was more than happy for them to keep away in that case.

I did acheive something today though - I found my bedroom floor! Hurrah for me; it only took all day.


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Almost American said...

Congratulations on finding the bedroom floor! I know what an achievement that can be! Someday I'll find mine . . .

I'd definitely want the therapists to stay away too in that situation!


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