Friday, 10 July 2009

Preschool diploma

I'll leave it to the viewer to decide which of these three was the most important in the eyes of a Little Fish.

Lots of children all standing facing more or less the same direction and waiting for their name to be called, their sweetie sash to be fastened, and their book of photos and certificate to be handed over.

Two years of preschool condensed into an album tied with wool and ribbon. One tiny Little Fish wobbling in the floor, a more confident child waving a giant bubble wand, a very happy little girl playing on the swings and a very serious girl perched on a stool to do water play, with three pairs of adult arms outstretched to catch her just in case.

Not a bad summary of her time there really. Staff who supported her as she learnt to trust that I would always come back. Friends who accepted her with all her little quirks and who just enjoyed having her around. Her own determination to do everything the other children were doing, and her need to have an adult hand within reach to protect, to reassure, and to rescue on occasion.

Now just one more week of this school year (interrupted by a mere four appointments elsewhere), and then six weeks of what passes for English summer before September and the new challenges of Big School.



Claire said...

I'm going for the chocolate buttons!

Elinor said...

Me too.

Michelle said...

My guess is she likes the book. What little girl wouldn't love to admire herself in such a cute little book?

Jenilee said...

Oh I love my girls preschool books! It is such a fun way to remember their younger years. :) I love seeing the growth from one month to the next. enjoying looking around your blog! visiting from lynnette kraft :)

Tina said...

A milestone, and a change of direction. I do hope and pray Little Fish copes with the changes in September, and of course you do too!
Four appointments in the last week of term diabolical isnt it? we have at least one each day and two to cancel. because they clash with things I am not prepared to forgo!
Much love

HennHouse said...

And I was starting to feel sorry for myself with multiple appointment for all three kids spread over the WHOLE SUMMER. Four in one week?! Wow.

(And I think she loved the ribbon!)

Doorless said...

Whoo hoo the house will be in trouble again with LF on the loose! Enjoy!


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