Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Ups and downs.

Mog's new head and backrests arrived this morning. I think it's safe to assume she likes them. Instant growth for her; she sits three inches taller now; head gently cradled, shoulders supported, sides snuggled in no longer scrunched and twisted. A sign of comfort; she was asleep in her seat by the time we had finished tweaking the chest harness.

That's the up; the down would be for Little Fish. A phonecall to let us know the local education authority have refused to fund the full support she was promised (and needs) for school next year, leaving her short by one hour each school day.

A call from our nurse giving us a choice of antibiotics for her latest gastrostomy infection; both ups and downs here. Bad that she has an infection, good that it is not on this occasion MRSA. Good that it will respond to antibiotics, bad that she will therefore have an antibiotic tummy for the end of term. And then a late phonecall from the duty doctor; bad that the fax did not come through early enough to get treatment sorted out to start tonight, but good because I was able to request a bottle of oxybutinin at the same time, having realised too late that we have no spare bottle and the present one will run out in the morning.

And then an evening out for myself, an up. A barbecue in the pouring rain; probably a down. Some beautifully marinated chicken; definitely an up, but another late night, and the second of three nights in a row out of the house, probably a down as far as Little Fish is concerned.

One nice up though; training for the new school staff all going ahead as planned, the school still seem to be keen and willing to learn. And, in a neat piece of continuity, one of the staff trained today to meet LF's needs is the daughter of LF's present nursery nurse, and will be Mog's Brownie Guider in September.

More ups than downs I think; it has felt like a good day anyway.


Anonymous said...

Mog sure looks great! Glad that she's feeling so much better too.

MOM2_4 said...

Sounds like some great ups and the downs seem pretty well balanced. YAY for balance ;o)



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