Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mirror Fish and More

Little Fish with her new best friend. I'm loving it. Today Mirror Fish was instructed in the fine art of selecting the right hat, holding hands when dancing, our future holiday plans (some of which were definitely news to me), and why one should refrain from drawing on the bedsheets (answer: because Mumma gets cross). Apparently Mirror Fish was a very naugty girl today; and then she was a very tired girl so we had to leave her alone to let her rest. Ours not to reason why, etc.

A different kind of fish; a friend moving house has restocked our tank with the fish she can't take with her. Our lone platy not entirely sure what to make of these invaders, and the new ones not quite sure about the tank either. But 24 hours in, no deaths yet, and perhaps that's all we should be looking for right now. The new fish are oddly fascinating; I keep getting distracted on the way to fetch meds and only move when I realise I've been hovering long enough to stiffen up.

Blogging from my phone again; having had beautiful Internet for a day and a half, this afternoon the line went down and wouldn't come back again. Frustrating.

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