Friday, 3 July 2009

It's all relative

All Ancestral, really. Am spending every spare half hour trying to create a big family album for a big family Birthday coming up later this month. It seemed like a good idea when my brother suggested it. And the Birthday seemed like a long way away. But now it's nearly here, the album is nowhere near completed, and all I can see in front of my eyes is little tiny pixellated photographs. Not good.

I can't share the album itself because a) it's not finished yet, b) I can't get the link to work which means family members can't send photos directly there but have to come via me - not great, and c) I think the Aged Ancestor ought to see it before the wider world. But here are some pictures which have made it out of my parents' albums and onto my computer. Whether or not they make it into the album will depend on how many other cousin photos I get in the next 48 hours; meanwhile, behold my youth! and marvel at its disappearance


Doorless said...

Very nice. The album will be much loved. My fav is the one at the piano. It is beautiful!

HennHouse said...

I love old family photos!!

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Is that you playing the piano? Wow, look at that long hair!

Tina said...

I know how silly it is because people say it to me but there is a look of Little Fish about those first two of you!


Tia said...

Yes that's me at the piano - I don't remember it at all but apparently we had visitors who wanted me to play for them before I left for our sixth form (senior? Last year of school anyway) Valedictory Ball.

And yes Tina; I think LF and I look similar, especially in the second photo. I was fair and got darker though; her hair was very very dark and has gradually lightened, so I suspect the differences will outweigh the similarities as she gets older.

What's interesting to me is that I'm only wearing my glasses in the last photo. I've had them since I was 6 or so and am as blind as a bat without them. I know Mum used to get me to take them off if we went to the fair (now that's fun - driving a dodgem blind!), but I don't remember having to remove them for photographs. And yet I must have done for the middle two.

Oh well, probably not interesting to anyone other than myself!

Elinor said...

You look like Alice in Wonderland in that last pic!


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