Friday, 14 September 2012

Happiness is...

Beating the stuffing out of your friend.

Why all the pictures of Miss Mog with her handsome prince and so few with other friends? Because, despite the ridiculously long distances involved, despite the fact it's sometimes six months between visits, and despite the fact we don't really support ongoing contact between visits (videos are OK, but when both of you are largely non-verbal and one of you is blind, meaningful contact is a little tricky), these two are very very close.

We have other friends come to visit. Mog has friends at school. But when these two are together, they agitate until we find a space for them to be together. Physical contact. Miss Mog has a bite reflex. Put something in her mouth, she'll bite it. Spoon, toothbrush, finger, she's not particularly fussy. But if her prince manages to get his hand up to her face, she manages to contain that and lick him instead. She doesn't lick anyone else. My bruised fingers are envious. The rest of me is mentally counting up the weeks until we might manage to meet up again. It's a good job his mother and I are friends too!


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Catherine said...

You've made me cry! I love how much they love each other's company :o)


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