Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mog's memory Verse

I'm not sure how I'd feel about losing my voice. I know how frustrated I get when people hear without listening, when I am talked over or ignored, or when I have to shout before a certain little princess hears me telling her she's on my foot and needs to move her chair RIGHT NOW.

Mog's never been able to talk. Not with words she has chosen, shaped by lips and tongue, and given voice through controlled use of her vocal chords. That doesn't mean she doesn't have anything to say; it's amazing what you can convey with a yes and a no and a carefully timed kick or roll of the eyes. She's never indicated that this lack of chattability bothers her though. We've tried scanning communication devices, and she has settled for the simplicity of a yes/no response and her "talking book", an auditory scanning file which is read out by myself (or anyone nearby and literate), and which she uses her yes/no response to scan through until she finds the thing she wants to say. It's limited to what those of us who have written it think she might want to say though; and nowhere in it is there anything close to "you're a smelly poo face" - although perhaps we should add an insults page. "This is boring" only goes so far. She finds a well timed clout around the ears with her boot-clad feet works wonders though, so we've not worried too much.

But still, even though she doesn't ever complain (and she does complain about some things; this is not a question of me not allowing her the opportunity to moan. Which is, sadly, all to easy to do when she can't just shout it all out), I'm sure there are times when she must feel set aside. It can't possibly be pleasant to overhear small children tell their parents they think you are dead, apart from anything else.

But, one of the things you might get if you don't have your own voice, is a switch connected to a LittleMac, and a LittleMac, for those who don't know, is a clever little switch which can work toys, plug into switch adapted anythings, and also carry a recording. Mog usually uses hers to say "Hello" or "Oi, pay attention to me!" But it does get used to share in other things too. Record Brownie Bells and she can sing along with the others. Record the holiday club chant and she can shout with the rest of them for the whole of the following week until someone at school is finally brave enough to record over it. And, when challenged to repeat correctly the morning's memory verse, it's awesomely easy to have it absolutely one hundred percent word perfect!


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Claire said...

You should definitely do an insults page!

Mac's friends like to record rude words on his communication button too!


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