Sunday 23 September 2012


 It wasn't great news back in early summer, when the very nice man from the gas company offered to do a free safety check on our boiler, and promptly condemned it as unsafe. 

It was even less good news when I got to the start of September and realised that whilst procrastinating over getting it done during the summer holidays was actually sensible, potentially gathering quotes and booking the work in might have been even better.
 But it was pretty excellent news when the first plumber came round and discovered he wouldn't need access to the roofspace - only accessible via my upstairs neighbour's flat. This potential issue having been one of the main reasons for procrastinating on replacing the boiler for the past six years.

And it was even better news when the second plumber came to quote, and pointed out some gaping holes in the first plumber's proposal.
 But I think I might just have underestimated the amount of chaos it was going to cause.

 Access to all the radiators in the house, you say?
And access to the floor behind my wall of book cases?

But, three days of drilling and sawing and soldering, and one very hot night with all radiators on full blast and the new heating system set to 28 degrees to blast the power flush chemicals through the system, we now have heat and hot water on tap. Hurrah. 

And there was one other little benefit to having to access out-of-the-way parts of the house.
Sadly the Little Princess gave the game away on this one "Oh Mummy, you have cleaned your bedroom. Did you do it all by yourself? I am very proud of you!" 



Caz said...

I love photo's of your house. lots of books, and good use of under bed space. Just as it should be.

Alesha said...

Well, I'm glad it is all in working order now, anyway! :)


Tia said...

Thank you, Caz.

Alesha, it's working as far as heating and hot water are concerned, but there's a rather large hole where the boiler and gas fire used to be - still; this wouldn't be my house if there weren't things still needing to be done with it I don't think!

Perfect timing too - plumber finished on Saturday, and on Sunday the heavens opened, the temperature dropped, and the house has been thrumming gently as the central heating kicked in for the first time.


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