Saturday, 11 April 2020

Day 26.

This is my new happy place.
Getting up close, I can nearly imagine I'm in a green woody parkland somewhere a hundred miles from home instead of a hundred inches from our back door. I share it with some bumble bees, a handful of hover flies, and three (so far) little lady birds. All of whom were very shy today. 

Sit. Breathe. Ignore the insistent beep from the washing machine, listen to the birdsong and the gentle hum of distant lawn mowers. Imi's fountain dripping gently for the first time this year. Sun on my face, baked heat bouncing off the brick walls and warming my skin, soothing my too clean hands. Rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme and oregano scenting the air, crushed beneath my feet and plucked by an eager toddler. 

Forget the busy busy. Forget the timetables and the endless rounds of care, medicines, meals, therapies. Forget the exhaustion. 

Sit. Breathe. Listen. 

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