Thursday 16 April 2020

Day 31.

A delivery from Helen House today; toilet roll, tea bags, and a Spirograph which has finally shaken A out of her “I’m not going to do anything except stare at the iPad” funk. And a Lindt bunny I decided the children didn’t need. Yum.

One blackberry bush planted in the hope it will grow up and along our fence. Ground cleared for a pear tree, which will not arrive just yet.

My boy has taken to grafting his right leg behind him. Hard to say whether it’s because he’s enjoying the sensation of shuffling against different textures, or if it’s his tibial torsion worsening. It’s not an injury and it isn’t bothering him. And we’ve had a phone consultation but not much we can do, since going up to hospital to get it checked out properly isn’t currently an option. Spoke to the duty physiotherapist today who will contact his own; hopefully by the time she’s back in work on Monday it will have resolved itself. Meanwhile, we are leaving his Ponseti boots and bar off overnight to see if that helps correct it without causing his feet to start turning in again instead. Great it if works, but increased mobility overnight is not necessarily a good thing in a child with a sleep disorder.

And a plan (of a kind) for tomorrow, care of A’s evening procrastination.

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