Monday, 20 April 2020

Day 34.

Trouble in paradise. What I’d dismissed as a mummified apple turned out to be rather wriggly this afternoon. And on closer expection, the tree proved to have at least five of these wriggly infested tents of caterpillars. Brown tailed moths apparently; the best thing to go with them is burn the eggs in winter. Being a bit late for that, I’m going to have to somehow chop them down overnight wearing protective gear. Fun.

A peacefully lazy day apart from that; a bit of pruning, a long nap for my boy on the trampoline, and a late night for my girl watching the One World concert.

No service from our church this week, so we went to visit a friend’s church online instead. Saved us the eleven hour round trip we usually take to visit them, which was nice. But right now I’d drive twice that for the privilege of being able to sit beside my friend and contain the boy in a row of chairs rather than letting him have free rein in the house whilst we follow the service on a screen.

One day.

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