Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 2

Slightly less quiet, but happily I've been out all day so haven't had to listen to the noise. Apologies in order for my neighbours though.
A slight panic when the hospice rang to say they had no place for me to sleep; tricky this as we are planning to stay there from Thursday whilst they pour a new concrete ramp/ I had visions of being improsoned in the house or else forced to sleep in the car. Happily they've come up with a flat after all, so I can breathe again.
And meanwhile our little supervisor is on hand to make sure everything is being done properly
whilst eating the all important chocolate spread and ham sandwich, naturally.

A good day today, a day spent sitting talking and eating with friends. So much stress going on in different lives, and the ability to both talk through it and put it to one side and make hideously inappropriate jokes about it; it all makes it easier and more bearable.

Little Fish managed to stay awake until ten past five tonight; progress on last night's half past four. And Mog is sitting up waiting for a carer now. Our cleaner came, and actually cleaned (I must go out when she's here more often; this would be easier if I could actually plan when she was coming), no kitten poo in inappropriate places for the last day and a half (although there's always the possibility I simply haven't found it yet), and a warmly gentle sunset reflecting over my shoulder. Tonight it might very possibly be not only not a bad life, but actually a pretty good one.



sarah bess said...
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sarah bess said...

oh my gosh, the overwhelming cuteness of little fish--can't bear it!


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