Sunday, 27 September 2009

A day which starts at 3 AM

Is never going to be good.

And a day which starts at 3 AM when your oldest child calls out in protest at what the cats have done under her bed is definitely not going to be great.

But, a day which starts with a small child in a cot beside your bed giggling, a child who looks you in the eye and squeaks a greeting just for you, whole face beaming with joy that you have finally gotten out of bed and come to say hello, that kind of day is probably going to be a pretty good one after all.

So, I'm declaring 3AM officially the end of yesterday.

Some sadness in saying goodbye to a certain small child - Little Fish waved the car off shouting "see you tomorrow" and had a very wobbly lip when she finally understood we wouldn't be meeting again for a fair bit longer than that.

But lunch in the garden with the extended family, more family persuaded to pay a flying visit next weekend, promised treats galore at Helen House next week, two very affectionate kittens (can't possibly have had anything to do with the plate of roast chicken can it?), cousins playing together in the gentle September sun, and now a peaceful house and a bedroom to myself again. Simple pleasures, small memories, Happy days.

And an empty bedroom - I'm off to enjoy the luxury of being able to lie in bed with the light on. And I wonder how long that cot will be empty and who its next occupant will be?



oliver said...

Where is Little Fish going? I think I've missed something somewhere along the line...


Trina and Jophie said...

Ahhh 3 a.m. fun! It's the party hour ya know? LOL

Talk later!

Maybe 3 a.m.?? You got 2 hours and 10 minutes now move it move it move it! hahaha

Trina and Jophie

Tia said...

Sorry, poorly written. Little Fish isn't going anywhere at all. We've had another child here for a few days, and that other child has now moved on - Little Fish was inside the house waving at the child who was in the car.


oliver said...

*breathes a sigh of relief*

It's ok, I was reading it quite late at night, so my brain wasn't running full capacity.

I read this blog, and never comment... but wah, I got upset at the idea of Little Fish going away!



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