Saturday, 5 September 2009

interesting times

Sweetness; Little Fish and Mog are still heavily into Mamma Mia and insisting on it being played almost constantly. Little Fish sings along and Mog provides the backing vocals. I listened in more closely, impressed with Little Fish's grasp of the lyrics. Until I realised what she's actually singing is "Mamma Mia, here we go again, my my, how I am your sister".

Kindness; a parcel this morning containing four pairs of fluffy socks for Mog's collar.

And quite possibly madness;A visit to "just look" at a litter of Norwegian Forest Cats developed into a trip to several cash machines and the addition of these two beauties to our household menagerie. Two cats who can't go outside for another 12 months, one queen and one tom, both un-neutered and neither old enough to be neutered yet but the queen possibly mature enough to start calling any time soon. And two kittens bigger than our fully grown Goway.

Life could get interesting!

OK so the queen is silver and blue, and is going to be known as Grolly the Grey. Any suggestions for the tom? He is going to be a big fat fluffy cat in about 4 years' time. And he needs a name which goes with Grolly and Goway.



Doorless said...

Beautiful cats. I love the look of fluffy cats ,hate the hair! We have a calico persian named Callie. She thinks she owns the Princess!

sarah bess said...

How about Gumption or Gusto?

MOM2_4 said...

Two mew cats? Life is going to be intersting!! They are beautiful. I will enjoy seeing your pics and pray my children don't start pestering for pets again soon 8-/

lauraandben said...

Now Tia - who goes to look at kittens and doesn't come away with one (or two!)?!

Robyn said...

12 months? eek...why? until they are neutered? we spent (or M)did a long time making our garden anti cat get outable....but one of them (the female) ALWAYS found a way...:)..clever..
looking forward to getting to know gotcha and grolly :)


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