Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday again?

Only one rogue poo this morning which has to be an improvement. And a small child awake early enough to do her homework before going in to school, and three children all fed and medded and clean and dressed and inserted into wheelchairs all enjoying the sunshine waiting outside for Mog's bus.

Mog's bus wasn't early - never mind; I had time to wash up before leaving.

Mog's bus wasn't on time - never mind; time to empty the litter trays again and clear the worst of the clutter from the sitting room.

Mog's bus wasn't 5 minutes late - annoying; I had to phone LF's school to warn them we'd be late. But hey, time to brush my teeth and feed the cats.

Mog's bus wasn't 10 minutes late. Muttering somewhat by this point, I did start to mind.

Mog's bus finally turned up ten minutes after it should have been at school, and we were able to race off to LF's school. Well, we would have been able to race off to LF's school, except that the TA Kid's buggy has broken, and the brake reset itself every 2 minutes as we walked along. This was unhelpful.

Into school, where staff sicknesses are causing more than average chaos .

Come home, late, and race around clearing the rest of the house, muttering again against the cleaner who has decided that "I need you to choose one day and stick to it" means "I'll tell you I'm coming on Monday then on Monday morning I'll text you to say I'm coming on Tuesday". Which is not fine when there's a social worker visit booked for Tuesday morning. Cleaner turns up, I point out to her that I really really do need her to agree one set day, and ask her to start with the sitting room as I have a meeting. Cleaner says it's not a problem because she never listens in on our meetings and fails to grasp the points that a) I prefer the house to be clean before the meetings happen which is sort of the point of knowing when the cleaner is coming, and b) it doesn't matter whether she listens or not, I still don't want other people around when I'm having a meeting.

Phone an Office every 30 minutes trying to track down our officer. Get bounced from her phoneline around the office and am told, variously, "she is in", "she isn't in yet", "she will be in today", and "we may have been mislead as to her whereabouts".

Meanwhile LF's school phone home, asking me to send in her communication book and the workbook she completed this morning. I tell them I did, they say I didn't, I suggest they look in the second pocket of her school bag, and they call back rather sheepishly to explain they didn't know the bag had another pocket. This would be potentially understandable, except that every child in the school has the identical bag - whilst it does explain some of our communication issues, I can't help wondering how many other families have had the same problem...

And this post was interrupted by the SW, who I thought was ringing to say running late. But nope - "just coming through town; do I take road a or road b?"
"Road a"
"oh poo. I'll be a bit late."

There are so very many different forms of poo in this life.


sarah bess said...

excellent analysis in the end. (no pun intended).

Sara x said...

Tell me do i have all this to look forward to. (Note to self no kittens no matter how cute) xxxx

MOM2_4 said...

Two Mondays in the same week... in a row, nonetheless ~ LOVELY 8-/

Praying tomorrow will be Wednesday!


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