Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday Monday

We had an exceptionally good start this morning. Both cats took themselves to bed in the sunroom last night, so I shut the door on them knowing we'd have a peaceful poo-free night. Little Fish woke up bright and early so no rush in getting her ready. Mog woke a bit rattly but quite keen to be off to school.

Mog's bus came in good time; so despite being delayed right in the middle of those crucial three minutes by a text from a friend, Little Fish and I made it to school in good time. Obeying her instructions, I gave her a kiss and said see you later, and waved her off for her first full day.

I meandered my way home, did the washing up, and wasn't too annoyed by the text from our cleaner changing her day yet again. Some social phone calls, a decent peaceful cup of tea and some kitten fishing all added up to a good morning.

And then the phonecall - "Mog's coughing green, needing lots of suctioning. No, she doesn't need to come home but just thought you should know." And five minutes later, "Actually, I think she does need to come home, can you come and fetch her please?" And so now I have one thoroughly suctioned, nebulized, exhausted, rapid rattly breathing little girl sitting her bolt upright beside me waiting for a doctor's appointment later this evening.

So I'm thinking the rest of this week is probably going to be pretty much written off as far as an empty house is concerned. And next week I have a respite fosling in. Still, I suppose it gives me an answer for all those people who ask "Whatever will you do all day now?"



Tina said...

Praying Mog is soon sorted.And fit for school to give yousome free space.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Mog! You need to be well so that Tia can have some "me" time!!! Hope Mog is much better very soon!
Catherine x

Doorless said...

Praying Mog is better quickly. She does keep you on your toes!

MOM2_4 said...

ARG! Praying she is feeling better soon.

Trina and Jophie said...

UGH...Green is NOT good nor is blue!

Gotta get that little one back on track..

Praying for her girlie..

Talk later
Trina and Jophie


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