Sunday, 6 September 2009


I would overoad you all with cute photos of very very cute kittens. But...the kittens have disappeared. Last saw Grolly at 9 and Gotcha at 11. They definitely aren't outside, but apart from that I have no idea where they might be. We've taken much of the house apart to look for them with no success.

Meanwhile, Little Fish has gone off to bed early as she starts school tomorrow, and Mog is rattling her way through a shower now. I'm hoping the catten will come out when the house is quieter.


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HennHouse said...

This made me think of our cat and her antics! When we were first meeting the boys, they would come for a day visit or an overnight visit and then go back to the foster home. When they finally moved in, the cat (she is feisty and blind in one eye) was MAD. I think she still harbors hope that the kids will all be leaving sometime soon.


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