Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Mog blog

Despite being ill, it's been a really good day for Mog today.

An appointment with her paediatrician, reminding me just what is so good about this particular doctor. Not usually the doctor I'd go to first with a problem, today he was sweet and charming, gentle with Mog, complimenting her on her dress, open and honest about her various current lurgies, and forthcoming with suggestions about what I should be looking out for, when I should be doing anything more than we already are for her. Just exactly what was needed from the appointment. It might well be that next time we meet I come away frustrated and aggravated once again, so I'm writing this down to remember - at this point, with an ill child, this paediatrican was great.

The visit took Mog's energy for most of the rest of the day, so she rested in the afternoon before starting Brownies this evening. We planned to go along just for 10 minutes then make our apologies due to her illness. But, we went in through the door, and a cluster of girls from Rainbows and church called her over. And over the next 90 minutes, she joined in with the games and the singin. Her sixer found ways of asking her what to write in her new Brownie book, and her Brownie Buddy and another girl scribed for her and drew for her and shared their stickers. One girl pushed her into the circle, two others linked arms and fingers, and a fourth steered her where necessary. All without being asked, all just naturally reaching out , seeing her need and responding to it. And Mog loved it. Huge beaming smiles, lots of kicking and shouting, and a bit of eye rolling at the leaers when they were slower to understand than the other children.

And then home, and a long whingy overtired uncomfortable and unwell evening. But 90 minutes of pure pleasure, joy at being with other children her age just taking part and being present. I'm sure some of the attention she had was due to the novelty factor; certainly it was mostly coming from the girls who didn't already know her. But hopefully as that wears off, what will wear in is the fact that she does enjoy things, does communicate, does like to take part. And I suspect it'll be the girls teaching the leaders; always good to see.



Doorless said...

I have found over the years that the younger children are so much more accepting and understanding. I am so happy for Mog and your mums heart. Glad the doctor went well also.

Hazel said...

I've also discovered that it's the Scouting and Guiding movements that are much more willing to model inclusive communities which the church youth organisations claim to believe in but in reality struggle to move beyond the rhetoric when actually challenged to prove it.

Tia said...

Normally I'd agree with you there, Hazel, but after a rough start with Goldie, our church children's work has been really inclusive. They've shuffled groups around physically and sorted out the most appropriate leaders, come to do a home visit to work out what's best and I've been consulted all the way.

OK there's the one minor point that they still advertise one particular room as being wheelchair accessible despite the fact there's a step and a 90 degree turn both at the same time, but provided it's not a power chair you're trying to get into it I suppose they're right... And they did offer to buy ramps for us; it's just that using the ramps would involve moving the 'fridge in the kitchen and it seems easier and safer just to use the manual chair.


Alesha said...

So glad she had a happy time tonight! We just have to choose our moments, don't we? Sometimes the event you plan to skip is the one that is the most fun for our kiddos...go figure! We've had the same thing happen with Isaac.

Sorry she's feeling poorly...went to our ped today, looks like Isaac has a sinus infection...well, since everything else was excluded, that's our only option for the low-grade fever and cough. On the plus side, those lungs were very clear. We'll take it!!!

Thanks, as always, for sharing these posts. I enjoy them...every one!



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