Tuesday, 8 September 2009

fishing for cats

They're getting bolder. I wouldn't say brave, exactly; they're still more than keen to hide behind the freezer all day long. But the sun sets, and the kittens cry for attention. They don't want to be touched, and are very very clear about that. But they do want fuss and attention.
And they do want to play with the teddy on a string.
They really do
Even if they don't think they do
Grolly is above such things. She prefers to sit and be beautiful. And meep and cry until I look at her, at which point she prefers to become invisible. Gotcha just wants more teddy on a string, please.

They have both nearly come for cuddles tonight. One thing they do have in common; a united dislike of this keyboard. I pick it up, they fuss and fidget. I put it down, and they bolt incase I might try to pick them up. Here's the scary thing - Grolly is the smaller of the two. If she's this big at 5 months
whatever size will Gotcha be as an adult? At thisrate, I may have to move house just to accommodate the cats!

And as I write this, they've both meeped goodnight at me and gone baco to the sunroom and the safety of the freezer, leaving me with a nearly-licked finger, and something very smelly underneath the settee. Best go and sort it really.



Sara x said...

They are beautiful, when breed are they xx

Tia said...

They are Norwegian Forest Cats and beautiful.



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