Sunday, 6 September 2009

Good news, bad news

The good news is, I have found the cats. Two large kittens can squeeze themselves into the 3 inch gap behind the freezer. They're now safely shut into the sunroom with food, water, and litter, and with a nice cosy freezer to snuggle up against. This gives Goway the run of the rest of the house, and means he can have his cat flap all night.

The bad news is this means our cleaner won't be ironing tomorrow. More bad news; Mog has decided breathing is optional when lying in bed. The only thing worse than listening to your child's hoarse raggedy breathing is not hearing your child's hoarse raggedy breathing. She has now settled in her armchair, after an interesting session with an overflowing suction pump. Question for others with the snot hoovers, does the fluid content always smell like stale cabbage, or is that just Mog?

More bad or at least irritating news. Trousers we have, shoes we have dispensation not to have, special embroidered jumpers and cardis we have, but it has only just now occurred to me that since Little Fish's new school does not require embroidered polo shirts, I didn't actually buy any. So whilst most of you might be wanting a warm day tomorrow, I'm praying for rain and coldness, to disguise the decidedly unsmart wrong-school-logo'd shirts she'll be sporting under the smartness of everything else.

Wish I could find my camera; I'd like to mark her first day at school and this phone won't do that properly. I'll settle for just getting her there on time with most of what she needs though.



Anonymous said...

Good luck for LF's first day. We will be thinking of her.


Trina and Jophie said...

Ewwwwww Ick! Oh YES a big FAT YES TIA! Not sure about it being cabbage but it's HORRID..

I can NOT do it. I make Tammy and Lora and even still I can barely keep from dry heaving while they're doing it! LOL

Katy used to be pro at it too. Bet she don't miss that part of working for me eh?

I'd leave it for your cleaner to do! It does afterall need "CLEANED" ROFL!

Talk later...

Trina and Jophie

Doorless said...

In this house ours doesn't smell really bad unless she has an infection and then the color is usually green-yellow. I change it or wash out the container every time I use it. Sure hope Mog is better soon.
Glad you found the kittens. Amazing how they can squeeze in a small space.

Caroline said...

Hope you have a fab day at school Little Fish. Love Caroline x

Elinor said...

Good luck LF! Gosh, poor Mog, that sounds terrifying. Hope she feels better soon and that you get some rest.

Robyn said...

ugh on Mogs must be such a worry...xxxx
did u find your camera? how did LF's first day go?

now am back looking forward to catching up on your two new kittens...:)



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