Monday, 28 September 2009

only on a Monday

Can I take Little Fish to school, and walk back to find this
Farewell my drive!

Alright; I did have warning that the builders were coming, but after our experiences with Bob I wasn't convinced they'd turn up when they did. But so far, model builders. Not only did they turn up on time, they have stripped and shovelled the garden and driveway without using any evilly loud power tool (important considering both girls were in school and no optional extras here at home today), they did not want a single cup of tea and no one came inside to use the bathroom.

Long may it last.


Doorless said...

Whatever happened to Bob the builder? Did he finish his work? What are you having done now?

Tia said...

No, Bob did not finish; we still have no ramp to get the girls into the sunroom, I'm still missing a windowsill in the kitchen, and there's a handful of other stuff waiting too.

These builders are being paid by the local authority, to make a bigger driveway and better ramped access to the front of the house. They also need to take a wall out internallyand replace it with a large folding door so that we can finally start hoisting Mog in her bedroom again - one very small bedroom and one very large bed, and there's no space for anything or anyone else in it. So we're having large folding doors pout in, and she will be able to be hoisted with the doors open, using our hallway as an extra bit of bedroom. And then we'll close the door 3/4s of the way, and she'll have a wall with an open bedroom door again.


Doorless said...

That is so nice and exciting. It will be a big help as Mog gets bigger and heavier. I am glad they are making the driveway better and ramping the front for you.
Too bad about Bob! where oh where are you Bob? He did nice work when he would work!
Enjoy , It sounds like they will respect your house when they start inside.

MOM2_4 said...

YAY! Builders who actually show up on time - whatever will you do?

The door into Mogs room sounds WONDERFUL! That will be such a blessing.


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