Friday, 4 September 2009

Waking up is hard to do

Some mornings I think Goway has the right idea. He's taken over this little hidey hole behind the computer; it must be warmer than his previous spot in Mog's wardrobe. Warmer, but less potential to scare carers; nothing like reaching into the back of the cupboard for a pair of socks and finding something warm and furry and moving.

I am still sorting washingand tentagefrom camping. Every time I get the tents nearly dry, it rains, and I have to wade out and empty three inches of water from on top of them, turn them over, crush the snails and hope this time we'll be lucky.

This morning Little Fish's new teacher is visiting. Excellent timing, I thought - our cleaner was due uesterday and we had already made arrangements to be out of the house from mid mornung until bewdtime. Except that things just don't work out that easily, and our cleaner is now coming this morning instead. And probably at the same time as the teacher. So this morning I have been running around (I say running; I have been plodding. Picking one foot up and trying to remember to put it down before picking the next foot up, occasionally forgetting to pick either foot up and wondering why I am not moving) trying to convert the house from laundry/squat to something more closely resembling the ideal Foundation Pupil's house; books and puzzles and toys visible but shelved, floor all mostly accessible, and a rug pulled over the inexplicable raw-pea-and-playdough stain in the middle of the sitting room.

The only thing missing is one small childHer teacher due in fifteen minutes, she is still fast asleep and not stirring even when I dump the contents of the rest of the house in her room knowing I can close her bedroom door once she's up make gentle noises around her. I suspect her teacher will probably want to say hello to her and she'll have to be out of her bedroom for that to happen, see above comment re: contents of the rest of the house , so with a second cup of coffee on board and a third being brewed, I am off to try to convince her she needs to get moving.

Wish me luck.


Elinor said...

You'll do it! Good luck anyway.

Sara x said...

So cute, why is it in the holidays they are up at the crack of dawn, then as soon as school is mentioned they sleep in. Hope your day with the teacher went well x

Michelle said...

Oh yes, I've been in that space in time, between desire to let her sleep and need to wake her up, difficult choice...

Tina said...

Bless her cotton socks, Did she wae happily and did it all go well.
Your forgetting to pick either foot up reminds me of my tears in the bread aisle when I couldnt find nappies.


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