Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The kittens are restless

The good news is, the kittens are no longer scared of me.

The bad news is, the kittens are no longer scared of me.

And, since cats have the ability to beam thoughts into the human mind through the intensity of their stare (I'm not the only one who realises this, right?), this translates itself into a constant silent stream of demands.

Feed the cats
Feed the cats
Feed the cats.

There seems to be a little fragrant offering in the litter tray. I believe that's your department.
Excuse me, the litter tray. NOW!

Feed the cats
Feed the cats
Feet the cats.

Stroke the cats.

Feed the cats.
Feed the cats.
Feed the cats.

Put the cat down and back away slowly and that way no one gets hurt.

Feed the cats.

There seems to be a puddle in the corner of the room. This is your responsibility. Deal. Deal now please. Deal with it, oh, and then feed the cats.



Tina said...

feet the cats????
is that where you stand on them accidentally or when you boot them into the sun room at the end of the day to avoid the stare???

They sound real characters, am going to enjoy watching them grow up from a safe distance of 100 + miles lol

Sharon said...

Hmmm-have you been listening to my cats, cause that is how their day goes (and , consequently, how mine goes); the only difference is that I also have dogs that do the exact same thing-"Feed the dogs NOW" they say, as they are corgis and consider themselves royalty.

You mean there's more??? said...

You have cats who demand to be fed?

Lucky you!!!!

Here we have da man who knows that anything in the house that is food is his to be taken and he will fight you for it even if it's on a plate and in front of you...

And Deimund who knows there are delicious mushrooms in the bottom of the compost bucket, cannot for the life of him understand how there came to be compost material all over the kitchen floor but will assure you it was nothing to do with him....

Anonymous said...

Have your cats been watching Simon's Cat on you tube?


Elinor said...

Ha, I was just about to say Simon's Cat but anon beat me to it! Guaranteed chuckles.


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