Thursday 27 September 2012

28 sleeps

And we finally have clearance to fly. Oxygen booked for the flight if needed, airline reassured that neither girl is likely to die on board, both girls measured for special flight chairs, wheelchair measurements set up for the ground crew, all essential equipment (bar the external battery for the ventilator, but we think we have finally given the engineers the correct information) approved for either use on board or else transportation.

One GP with the patience of a saint, having been phoned all too regularly over the past weeks, to give explanatory letters, carefully worded prescriptions, additional medical information, forms for the airline and forms for the medical supply companies and letters for the security people. Each letter or form she's filled out and returned within 24 hours, generally calling to check wording or tweak details. She's on holiday herself now; definitely deserved.

One medical supply company happy with the wording of the prescription and accepting a photograph of the letter so I don't have to try to post it out.

Two cats booked to the cattery, both sets of vaccinations fully up to date.

US dollars sorted, and at an exchange rate which gives us effectively one free taxi to Disney compared to the exchange rate when I started placing the order a few days earlier. Or ice creams all round, or something.

Weird visa ucsis thingies all filled out and accepted.

Hopeful arrangements made to meet long-term but never met Floridian friends; we've been bloggy friends since before either of us had blogs, part of the Christian Parents- Special Kids emailing list since before either of our adopted children had come home. That's a long journey to share from such a distance.

Blender borrowed from a friend who bought it when she was over there herself a few months back; we will be able to feed Miss Mog when we're out there. Still to do: work out what to feed Miss Mog on the plane; even if I could transport a day's food in 60ml bites (which would, actually, be reasonably simple if I just froze it in individual syringes), I'm not convinced security would be very happy about it. Hope that Boots sell sufficient baby food pouches to see us through the day? Bring some dried baby rice and hope the aeroplane has milk and fruit juice? Create something pumpable and put her back on the pump?

Amazingly, both girls are now completely off pump feeds. I've kept the pumps; time enough to return them once they've both managed major surgery or illness without needing them. But is it going to be hot enough in Orlando that either or both girls will need water drips to keep them comfortable? Or can I leave behind all the plastics, and rejoice in the extra luggage space?

Today I finally managed to order the oxygen we ought to have on standby in case Miss Mog needs it. This was the very last major piece of the holiday puzzle. There are still minor bits and pieces which need to be done. But I think, provided I don't lose any of the letters between now and then, we might actually have completed all the specialist part of our holiday preparation. Apart from the packing, of course.

It might be time to start looking forwards to a week in the sun!



evieg1983 said...

Speaking from our experieance last october: boots have ellas kitchen pouches, virgin provided us with bottles of water and fruit juice (they also had plenty of milk but only cows so no good for us but fine for you guys?) We were there in october and found bolusing water periodically was sufficient and only 2 days were much hotter than the hottest summer days here and we stayed out of the heat those 2 days anyway.

Linda said...

You are so organised!

It might be worth giving the airline catering company a call to enquire about the availability of milk on board. I don't know which airline you're using, but I was recently surprised to find that Qatar Airways only carry the little catering pots of creamer (horrible in tea!). If you do need to take milk it shouldn't be a problem but you'd probably need another letter from your wonderful GP.

Sara x said...

After all this preparation you certainly deserve an amazing holiday xxx

Danni said...

Yay for stuff being organised!

I'm praying that everything goes as well as possible before and during the holiday. I'm also wishing I could go :-P

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Sounds like you need a vacation from getting ready for this one. I am sure it is a relief to have everything settled!
Enjoy !

Alesha said...

You can expect some temps in the 80's while you are here. Although the humidity will not be as bad as say, July, the sun will still be very hot. You can definitely still get sunburned, and we have to watch that Isaac doesn't get overheated. All vehicles and buildings will have A/C though, so that helps. :)

I cannot wait to meet you all!

Tia said...

I am remembering our last trip at Easter time a few years ago. We were in full on summer gear, tLP was playing in the water fountains at Epcot, and people were shocked because it was "so cold!" felt plenty hot enough for us, especially as we'd flown out from snow into this beautiful gentle sun.

Thanks - had forgotten the suncream will add it to the list!


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