Friday, 19 September 2008

Dear Carer,

Dear carer,

Thank you for coming to work for us, thank you for choosing to share in our unglamourous life, and thank you for always being cheerful.

That said, when the bathroom bin is full, please let me know so that I can empty it for you. I don't expect you to empty it yourself, although should you wish to do so, I shan't complain. If you don't want to disturb me, please fel free to throw things away in a different bin - you know where the other ones are. I am sure there are other options too. Please don't simply throw the dirty nappy onto the floor, unwrapped, and leave it there for me to tread on. It's not a great start to the day for me.

I love the fact that you always bring happiness to our house and never come in a bad mood. However, when I'm in the bathroom, please only call me if it is an emergency. "I don't think Mog is breathing" is an emergency. "Little Fish reminds me so much of [random child]" is not, and could probably wait until I was finished.

It is great that you are taking such care to wash your hands after caring for each girl and when switching between girls. There are bottles of handwash, alcohol gel, and hand towels in the kitchen and the cloakroom. When I'm cleaning my teeth in the bathroom, please use one of these alternative locations rather than reaching over my shoulder to share my basin.

I'm pleased that you feel at home here, my girls love the continuity you provide and I appreciate the interest you take in their lives. Please remember though that although I try to make this a pleasant workplace, it is also my home. I'm not a colleague but a parent, and often rather a tired one at that.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,


Sandy said...

see all those patronising people were right all along ...

you DO deserve a medal and you ARE a saint .. cos at least two of the things in this post would have caused me to resort to physical violence. Nothing to do with being a mother of *special children* I hope you at least got to pee in peace ?! These things are considered basic human rights in this country!


*said with as much cheese as you can bear lol

Michelle said...

Sound like we live in the same house at times....

Tina said...

Michelle I thought the same thing!
must be carer syndrome

Anonymous said...

I must have a saint on a carer as far as those things go. My problem is she has many reasons for being late or just not showing up!


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