Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Reasons not to blog.

I complain about puddles. I get the threat of lakes.
I mention that the girls are now MRSA-free, and now Little Fish's stoma is looking sorer and gooeyer than ever.
I blog about Little Fish's lunchbox; she spends today filing her food not only in that same lunchbox but also on the floor, the piano stool, between the cats' ears.

And the ultimate, I complain about Mog's Mondays, and today spend four solid hours trying to find a reason for her to be crying, trying to find the right comfort for her, the right balance of medication, just trying to help her to feel better. And realise that since posting about her Monday nights it has now been eight nights in a row that she has been more or less fine during the day but absolutely miserable to beyond any possibility of reasoning with her, starting at around 5 and ending long after she has exhausted herself when finally the painkillers and sedatives all kick in together.

I'm scared to think what else I have blogged about that might come back magnified - will the WoofCats turn into lions overnight? Little Fish's babies come to life?

Oh, and whilst we're talking about Little Fish and babies, tips on how to teach appropriate behaviour in school for her? She loves the boys. That's fine, on the whole boys tend to play with her and accept her as a friend whereas girls want to push her around and baby her. What's not fine is that the number of boys she has as kissing friends appears to have increased again and spilled over from church and preschool to nursery. So how do we teach her that being friendly is lovely but kissing isn't really appropriate? Alternatively, how do the rest of you teach me that it's fine for my three year old to be kissing all the boys? If she kissed the girls too I'd be less concerned. I think.



Robyn said...


Alesha said...

I hate to be a gloomy Gus, but does Mog have a shunt? The first time Isaac's went out, he would be fine all day, but miserable at night. Of course, he was also vomitting, so...

I pray that isn't the case, and that she is feeling more settled and consolable tonight.


Robyn said...

ok thats weird...when i first saw this post..it said Reasons not to blog and then there was no text...thats why i put LOl cos obviously there are NO reasons not to blog....!!!

and now there is all this!
so thats why i said LOL! wasnt being rude!

MOM2_4 said...

HUGS!!! It's something in the atomosphere. This too shall pass - please tell me this is so :O)

Hang in there!!!

Elinor said...

I had the same issue with Jordan in that he would lunge at anyone for a bear hug which got overwhelming for the object of his affections as he's a big lad. So I said to him that a handshake was as good as a hug. It worked!

Hope you and Mog have a more restful evening.

Michelle said...

Reasons Emily Cries:
Bladder infection
hips hurt
back hurts
nose stuffy
tummy/gut stopped up

Emily went through a period of crying at night also. I have to wonder if it is the "I'm by myself and I'm having bad dreams, and I hear noises" syndrome. We would put music on and as soon as it stopped she would cry. Have you tried a sound machine? We have one that makes rain, wind, waves, crickets, etc. We used it a lot back in those days.

Michelle & Emily

Tia said...

Mog doesn't have a shunt, but she does suffer from cerebral irritation from time to time. I don't usually like the phrase "suffer from" to describe a disability or symptom but in this case it's entirely accurate - it causes her a lot of suffering when it happens. Just wish I knew why...

And Robyn, that's my fault - I hit return instead of the tab key after tapping in the title so it published before I was ready!

mq, cb said...

What is "cerebral irritation"? It sounds horrible, and very painful.

Tia said...

cerebral irritation is "brain pain" - it's distress, anguish even, which comes from the injury to the brain rather than from any body pain.



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