Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Making Friends

Comeback is getting brave. Goway is still a nervy little beastie; he spends his days in Little Fish's cupboard or under my duvet, venturing out at night to meep loudly until he gets food and fuss. But Comeback has decided that laps are good things, and has taken to seeking them out.

Little Fish is not sure about this.
I think that's called "how far away from this creature can I get whilst still remaining in contact with Mummy?" It is accompanied, entertainingly, by a small voice squeaking "Go away, Comeback". Comeback is cat. He is above such things
Little Fish is curious, desperately curious. And whispering about wanting to "Doke(stroke) de woofcat". I am encouraging this. For the past couple of days she has been reaching out, asking to cuggle or doke him, getting her fingers nearly to his fur, but then running away as soon as he takes an interest.
This afternoon she decided on a closer inspection.

And then decided to be very brave indeed
Talked about it lots, took lots of encouragement, reached out, and
"DOKE DE CAT!". Well done, Little Fish.

She wasn't impressed with the thought of him climbing onto her own lap, but once he'd moved to the other side, was perfectly happy with her new captive audienceand cuddled up to read him a story.

Mog came back from school shortly afterwards, and Comeback decided he needed a new cushion.He's a very friendly purrmonster/fluffball combination. But I worry that this picture gives a hint into his true mind
"I will rule them all, puny humans"



Alesha said...

LF is doing great with the cats! Pretty soon they'll be riding with her in the chair whether they like it or not!!!

Mog just looks like she is stretching out taller every time I see her! So gorgeous!

Cats are great - if you don't have allergies. :-(

MOM2_4 said...

GREAT pictures of the woofcats with the girls!!

Quinne said...

Hi Tia :) What a precious post! I enjoyed visiting with you here. It was a joy to have you stop by to say hello! Blessings, Q

Robyn said...

fab progress for LF and I absolutely adore that pic of Mog
the last one though takes top marks...
glad they are settling in (ish!)

Claire said...

well done LF! Maybe I could learn something from her, ext doors cat just attacked me for daring doke my own cat in his view. More caution I think.

That last photo is excellent, it reminds me of Ebenezer in the web comic I read. My cat is looks and acts like Snoonch. http://www.twolumps.net/

Today he was playing with 2 catnip toys. He would be in ectacy with one, then role over on to it. where upon the 2nd would come into view and he would bound over happily. He repeated this sequence for about 10 minutes!

Have fun with Comeback and Goway xxx

Tia said...

Truth will out - that last one was taken by Little Fish. I do love it though!


Anonymous said...

Little Fish is getting really good with the camera. It is so neat seeing her get over her fear of wolf cats. Next thing she will want a solf dog!!!
Mog just seems to be getting bigger all the time. Where did it go. It seems she was a baby not that long ago.


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