Sunday, 21 September 2008

Upsy Daisy

Little Fish loves In the Night Garden. This surprises me somewhat, since we don't have CBeebies at home, so she has either fallen in love with it during sporadic hospital visits, or remembers it from living with her fostercarers half a lifetime ago. Anyway, for whatever reason, she loves it, and she knows the names of the characters in it, and talks about Upsy Daisy whenever she can.

She's now started having lunch at pre-school one day a week, and so when we saw an In the Night Garden lunchbox at Sainsbury's I decided that perhaps she ought to have something slightly more child-friendly than a tupperware cake tin she might like it.
She does like it. She loves it. She carries it around with her, and insists on having it with her at all mealtimes. She likes to stroke it as she eats, she practices with the zip, she shows it to her babies and guards it from the WoofCats.

Unfortunately, Little Fish's experiences of lunch boxes come from pre-school, where the other boys and girls have a nice clean finger-food style packed lunch - sandwiches, cheese wedges, carrot sticks, fruit.
Weetabix just isn't the same.


Tina said...

Oh beautiful lunch box Little Fish I do hope the weetabix washed out for it set like cement...
their is a certain little person you met at campwho abosultely loves Upsy Daisy too we spent a long while last year in Toysus exploring all the versions! you can share your passions next time! her mum's a

Anonymous said...

Even J loves In the Nightgarden. We have a couple of CD's and he concentrates so hard when they are on! I have heard other parents say exactly the same as you - never watched the programme at home but love it and know all the characters!


mq, cb said...

Apparently it's shown on BBC2 at 10am every week-day morning so maybe she's seen it then? My friends tell me that it's dire though. Definitely one to put on and then escape to make yourself a cup of coffee.


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