Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Pretty girls

Mog and Little Fish are turning into style icons!

With Mog it's all about her. Her shoes, her hair, her choice of outfits, her sulk at the thought of school uniform, and rather charmingly, her pleasure at the new dribble mat I made for her this evening. No photos; it's now covered with savoury rice and tomato. She likes to be complimented on her outfits, on her hairstyle, and she's not above kicking people if they don't notice her shoes quickly enough.

Little Fish on the other hand, whilst wanting "Pretty Dress" rather than trousers (just as well since her jeans won't go over her casts), isn't too fussed about what she wears. She has taken to asking me to plait her hair every morning, but mainly so that she can then pull the plaits out and play with the hairbands. Don't ask. However, she is on a mission to reform me. I thought it wasn't until the teenage years that children were embarrassed by what their parents wore. Not in Little Fish's case. "Skirt, Mummy" or "Dress Mummy", and my jeans are greeted with big frowns. A T-shirt is ignored, but a blouse warrants a "Pretty Mummy!" She can't reach my wardrobe which is probably just as well; I'm sure I'd find trouser legs severed to prevent me wearing them. If I put on the wrong (in her eyes) jumper, she pulls and tugs at it and gets extremely cross. But the right outfit, generally a long flowy skirt and a floaty blouse of some kind, gets her utmost approval. "Pretty Mummy, Pretty pretty". Now if only I could teach her to wipe her face before she buries herself in the skirt, perhaps I could meet her sartorial standards more often!



clare said...

Yes!! I long gave up wearing white for the face wiping reasons you describe so well!
Hope tomorrow is a brighter day x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they'd be fun to shop for and dress. My boys don't care at all what they have on.
So LF is watching out for you and wanting you to dress in style --her style anyway --lol

Robyn said...

ooo she has started young. Beth isn't able to curb her thoughts either nor able to word them in slightly spare your feelings kinda way. Did you brush your hair? You smell, etc etc.

and she is a teenager!

Sandra said...

Good on you Little Fish - you keep your mum sorted!
Alice also loves to be noticed - be it clothes, hair whatever - also loves to check out what everybody else is wearing - face wiping on clothes sounds familiar too!


Tina said...

Eve was pleased as punch to put her uniform on if it meant going to schooll at last...he to buy her pinafores tough she was not goig to weartrousrs.
lol at litlle fish insisting on you dressing prety!


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